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Our ministry in Romania is called Asociatia Crestina Village which is a non-profit organization in Romania. In the fall of 2020, we planted The Village Pitesti which is young church that desires to plant churches and through those churches use whatever means necessary to share the Gospel in culturally appropriate ways.


Due to covid 19 restrictions our ministry as had to be very creative and persistent. We have lots of new opportunities and exciting ministry editions rolling out over the next few months to a year. Stay Tuned!***

As a part of our church planting mission, we desire to reach those people who are far from Christ and unengaged with the Gospel. Consequently, in Romania, many of the elderly are shut-ins and in need of companionship and the Gospel message. As a part of our church plant, we desire to evangelize and care for the elderly in our local community. In Acts 6:1-7, we see the elders of the early church ministering the word and devoting themselves to prayers. In that time, a need to take care of widows and others who were being neglected arose and the elders and church appointed deacons to help the elders take care of these physical needs of the destitute. Likewise, we as a church desire to encourage our members to love their neighbor as themselves in order to share and show the Good News. 

Every ministry project that we engage works as a 'method' to share the good news and live out our God-given calling. Whether that be making food for the elderly and deliver it, sitting with them on their bench talking about their lives, or hosting an english lesson. We desire to build meaningful relationships with those in our local community and pray for their conversion.

Read more about our ministries and projects below.

The Village Church: Pitești

There are only a few churches in the entire county. In the city of Pitești, there are about 170,000 people and a metropolitan population of approximately 300,000. There is only 1 church for every 30,000 people. 


We officially launched our church plant in the fall of 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been challenging navigating the difficulties of the pandemic and the starting of a new church, but God has been good to us. 


Our church meets weekly for worship and teaching. We are elder-led and have 20 adults who have covenanted together to know Christ and make Him known.

Sign up to receive ministry updates by clicking the link below.

The Village Elderly

Romania's elderly population is growing, on average there are 108.2 elderly (65+) per 100 young people. 1 out of 5 elderly in RO need hospice care; however, do to expense and extremely low incomes the elderly can not afford the services for home care. This leaves many of the elderly alone, sick, and malnourished. We desire to spread the Gospel to these elderly by offering them warm meals, visitation, and socialization. With every meal delivered we have the chance to pray and share God's word with these individuals.
Many of these individuals are Orthodox and do not trust in Christ alone for their salvation. We desire to share the Gospel with these individuals and love them like Christ.


Pray for God to begin to draw the elderly to him in the areas that we work. Join our mailing list to find out ways to give and pray!

The Village Children

One of the greatest methods to reach the parents is to grab the attention of their children. We desire to have a program for children to offer them English, Arts, or other fun hobbies to create the relationships necessary to reach families with the Gospel.

The Village Children is another method in which we reach the generations with the truth of the Gospel.

Partner Trips and Internships

Going on a cross cultural short term trip changed our lives. Ashley had the opportunity to go on a trip to Central America in middle school and from that moment knew that the mission field was in her future. Kalep had the opportunity in college to come to Romania. In the same way, it changed his life. 
Short term mission trips, if done right, can make a difference in the lives of those who come and those whom they serve. 
Email us for opportunities to come, taste, see and do mission life the way we do it. 

The Village Youth

We believe that the youth are the future of the church and therefore desire to reach them with the truth of the Gospel. As a church we will offer discipleship and youth bible studies to engage them with the Good News. 

We have weekly meetings to study the Word, play games, fellowship and learn from one another. 

Pray for the Village Youth as it is becoming increasingly harder to be young and believe in Christ. Join our prayer list to learn more about our youth group and specific prayer requests.

Excited about the future of Belief in Mo

We make disciples who make disciples. One of our core values is discipleship and evangelism. We desire that this generation of Romanian and Roma believers grow in their faith and learn to love God and others. We believe that your theology (that is what you believe about God) affects the way you live our your faith. 

We hope to use our English classes and other adult outreach projects to evangelize and disciple.

Therefore, we go and make disciples. Follow us on our disciple making journey by subscribing to our email list below.

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